Professional Speaker & Trainer

I am very detail-oriented by nature, although my wife doesn’t agree. You work hard all your life, and one day you don’t notice her haircut, and it’s all been for nothing.

That’s how things go.

I can tell her that my job is to pay attention to how my clients speak, their body language and the image they project. That I analyze the structure they use, the audience they are targeting and the looks they exchange. That I observe what they write, the language they use, and the rhythm with which they communicate. Nothing ever works, she always responds: “Yeah, you sure are detail-oriented. But when I get a haircut, you don’t even notice.”

That’s how things go.

Here’s what I do day-to-day:

I prepare presentations and speeches for companies and individuals, helping them to create messages that make an impact and take hold.

I give corporate training so that my clients speak better in public and are more persuasive.

•I go to conferences and events as a keynote speaker.

So far I’ve helped more than 1000 men and women speak in public, I’ve revised over 1700 presentations and I’ve given training in 18 different countries. I’m also a two-time public speaking champion in Spain at Toastmasters International, the most important public speaking club in the world.

If you don’t want what happened to me with my wife to happen to you on your next presentation, I’m your man. Don’t let a bad public performance make your brilliant work you’ve been carrying on your shoulders go to waste.

Contact me if you think I can help you. If you have questions, write me as well. Let’s make things work!

Nacho is a great speaker who quickly connects with the audience. He was able to integrate speaking techniques without losing his personal style, which gives it that naturalness and authenticity that is fundamental for communicating his message. When I listen to Nacho, I feel like we’re having a conversation over a beer in a bar. I’ve had the opportunity to see many great speakers with an impressive command of the art. However, most leave me with the impression that if I had a beer with them in a bar, they’d tell me something different than what I just heard.  With Nacho, that never happens.

Jesús Salillas

Data Scientist, IBM